Terms and Conditions

You know where it says, “click here to read terms and conditions” when you download stuff or buy online, and you click it even though you’ve not actually read them?


Well, if you’re using this website we’re going to assume that you HAVE read them, so don’t come crying to us when you fall and break your leg if you haven’t.


In short, this page is a basically saying: “It’s not our fault. Ever. Not even if your lawyer says it is.” And by using the website, buying a ticket, or coming to an event, you’re saying you’re ok with that.


1) Who’s who

As per any reasonable speaker of English, any use on this website of words such as “us”, “we” or anything indicating we’re talking about ourselves is, well, talking about 28GaysLater, its owners and operators. The best way to contact us is by emailing info@28GaysLater.co.uk


And any use of word like “you”, “your” or something that make you feel we might be talking about you, the person using the website, or buying a ticket, or coming to an event, is, unsurprisingly, talking about you, the person using the website or buying a ticket or coming to an event.


2) Where we are

We’re bound by the constraints and understanding of the English language, and for that matter by English Law.


Similarly, the events mentioned on this site take place in London, UK (and occasionally other UK cities). So if you’re reading this in one of the other London towns out there then don’t waste your time buying a ticket (or at least don’t expect a refund if you do).


The site is provided by 1&1 and there are any number of things they do that we are not in control of, so if the website is doing something beyond our technical control then consider that their fault.


3) Relevance

Remember, you came looking for us, so if the information or services offered on this website aren’t what you wanted, or don’t meet your needs, then that’s not our fault. Try being more specific when you Google for stuff.


4) Accuracy

We aim to keep things as up to date as possible, but sometimes things will change. Don’t blame us if you make plans and then we have to change the date of an event and it’s no longer conveinient for you. Equally, if there’s a typo or a broken link, we’re not here to hold your hand through life so that’s not our fault either.


5) Links

Any links we have to other websites are just for your further information. We obviously have no control over what happens or what you find once you click a link. It doesn’t imply a specific endorement of other websites or brands. Please let us know if a link is broken and we’ll get it removed or updated.


If you want to link from another site to this site you are welcome to do so but please let us know when you do. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to remove it, or get it blocked,  if you link to us from any unsavoury or disreputable website that, by association, makes us look bad.


6) Privacy & confidentiality

When you sign up to the mailing list we promise to only send you emails abut the events you select in your preferences (there may sometimes be an advert footer for other stuff at the bottom, but we figure you can ignore those if you really want to).


We won’t sell or share your details with anyone else. If other brands want to market to you then they have to give us free stuff to give to you, or be associated with an event, or get a mention in the event footer. Again, you can ignore these if you want to but, rest assured, we won’t be passing your details on to anyone else.


At the events we don’t take or publish photographs, or details of who is attending. As far as we’re concerned it’s Vegas rules. There are occasionally reviewers attending but if they, or any other guest, tells, writes, prints, or otherwises shares anything about the evening concerning you, guess what, that’s for you to take up with him, not us.


We cant promise we won’t tell a friend about something funny you said if it’ll get a laugh on a night out, but we do promise to change the names of people involved. And we are in public spaces so if you’re attending while cheating on your partner, please don’t blame us if someone from work sees you on the way in at the bar.


7) Refunds

Just like when you buy a ticket for a gig, the theatre, or pretty much anything else, tickets to our events can’t be refunded. If, for some legitimate emergency, you are unable to attend then we’re happy for you to pass your ticket on to someone else, but please let us know who that is in advance of the event. If you really can’t make it then in certain circumstances we may be able to transfer you to the next event, but you need to let us know in advance. If you simply don’t show up on the night then, well, sorry but you’ve lost your place. Don’t expect a refund or a transfer. In the unlikely situation that we decide to cancel or change an event we will of course give you your money back. This will be via your original PayPal booking. 


8) Damage

We’re all grown ups, so we expect you to take care of your own safety, both at the events and afterwards. That means if you damage yourself, your stuff, or your mental state, at an event or because of anyone you meet at an event, then it’s not our fault.


The venues we use are public place and not under our control, so if something goes wrong, or you, your stuff, or your mind, is damaged because of the venue, then they are the ones to take it up with. Same goes for any of the contents of the goody bags; any problems from anything you find in there need to be directed at the brands supplying the goodies.


9) Bouncer policy

Nobody likes it when someone makes a fool of himself, either being drunk or generally antisocial. If you show up for an event like this, or behave this way during an event, then expect to be asked to leave. And, no, you won’t get a refund if this happens.


10) Copyright

Copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights exists on everything we put on this website. If you want to quote us somewhere else that’s fine. But let people know where you got it. Any other use or copying from our website will be consider stolen property. We’ll come after you and make you delete, and probably try and make you look foolish in front of your friends too (that include any friends sat in court at the time).


11) Force Majeure

Aside from being the name of a fab live show by Eddie Izzard, this is basically legalese for “even though it’s never our fault, it’s even more so not our fault under disastrous circumstance beyond our control.” They like to talk about Acts of God at this point, but seeing as he doesn’t exist, let’s just say that if something happens we have absolutely no control over, don’t expect us to try and control it.