Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how it works, who you'll meet, and what to expect at one of our gay speed dating events. If you have any other questions please email us at


How is 28GaysLater different from other gay speed dating events?

Unlike other gay speed dating events, at 28GaysLater we have a unique format that means you’ll meet all of the other guests, not just one half of the room. You’ll also get your messages/results before you leave the venue, instead of having to wait days for a “matches” email as you would with other speed dating events. We go to the kind of venues you’d actually want to go to for a first date, instead of obvious gay bars or dingy basement nightclubs.

How do I book and pay for my place?

Booking a place couldn’t be easier. Look through our list of upcoming events and pick the one that works for you. Click the “Book Now” button and you’ll be taken to an Eventbrite page where you can get your ticket. 

What happens after I book a place?

You’ll receive a payment confirmation from Eventbrite and a copy of this comes to us. Once we see this we’ll reply to your email address to confirm your booking. If you don’t get either of these emails then please check your junk or spam folders. You’ll also get a reminder email a few days before the event with venue directions and arrival info.

What happens to my personal details?

28GaysLater doesn’t collect or even see your financial details. We’ll just get your name and email address, which will automatically be added to our mailing list for future invites to speed dating events. We don’t share your details with anyone else.

What if I can’t make it to an event I’ve booked for?

Bookings are non-refundable but if you find you can’t make an event you are welcome to pass your place on to someone else. Just make sure you let us know in advance. In limited circumstances we might be able to transfer you to a future event but you must let us know in advance. If you just don’t show up on the night you lose your booking. (Terms & Conditions)

Can I pay on the door?

You must book in advance. We can’t take bookings on the door and our events usually sell out at least a few days beforehand. So we don’t want you to be disappointed if you just show up on the night without pre-booking.

Can i come with a friend?

You can book more than one place at a time - just make sure you give us the names of your other guest. Or if you get them to book individually we can make sure they get all the arrival information direct. We don't have space for other friends to just come and "watch" although there are other bars in the venues where your friends can wait in if they want to arrive with you or meet you afterwards.

What are the venues like?

We go to stylish restaurants and similar spaces for our events. We never go to the obvious gay bars or dingy basement nightclubs. We hold events in the kind of venue you’d actually like to go on a first date. Most of our venues have reasonable accessibility but please get in touch in advance if you have mobility issues or concerns about accessing the venue.

What happens when I arrive?

Try and arrive as close to 7pm as possible. Too much earlier and you may be sat on your own waiting. Arrive too late and we’ll have started and it may be difficult to slot you in. (You can of course arrive early if you want to get food at the venue, or from somewhere nearby.) Each guest will get a name label. These are pre-printed with the name on your PayPal booking, so if you go by a different name, or shorter version, please let us know what you’d like on your badge. Once you’re signed in, buy a drink at the bar and take a seat.  When everyone has arrived we’ll explain how the evening will run.

Is there a dress code?

There’s no official dress code, but most guys are coming straight from work - so usually it’s a lot of collard shirts but no ties. We suggest dressing as you would for a first date in a nice restaurant. You’re aiming to make a good impression, butcomfortable and be yourself. It’s probably better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed. Nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored shirt is always a wining combo.

What sort of guys go to 28GaysLater?

We’re obviously a bit biased, but we think our guests are a much nicer, and much friendly, sort of chap than your average gay speed dating event. We market to gay professionals, although that is of course a broad term, and this tends to mean the kind of guy that can hold an interesting conversation. We’re aiming for a classier event so we tend to attract a better sort of crowd, but it’s still an interesting and diverse mix.

What is the age range?

As we don’t have any more details about guests than their name, email address and birth yearwe don’t have exact details on ages. There is no restriction on age to attend the events.

What if I am just looking for new friends rather than love?

That’s great. We’ve had lots of people make new friends, and even make some work contacts before at our events. Your messages give you the option to meet someone again as a date or just as friends, so you don’t necessarily have to be looking for The One.

How many dates will I have?

As the name suggests, you’ll meet about 28 guys at one of our events. Depending on space available at the venue, and people not being able to attend at the last minute, you could meet anywhere between 24 and 30 dates in one evening.

How long do I get with each date?

Each date is three minutes, but we don’t re-start the timer until everyone has moved on. So if you’re quick moving to your next date you’ll get a little longer.

How do I “match” with other guys?

Unlike other gay speed dating events, we put the power in your hands to make a connection. Our unique message system means you can tell other guests if you’d like to meet again, either as friends or for another date, with suggestions of coffee, drinks, or dinner. You can let them know the best way to get in touch, and you get all of your messages before you leave.

What if I don’t get any messages?

This just means that none of this group of guys was right for you. You can always come again at another event. And remember, you can send message to guys even if they don’t message you; some people like to wait and see what messages they get rather than send out too many. It’s better to be selective than message everyone.

What time does it finish?

Depending on numbers, and how strict we are at keeping to time during the breaks, we’re usually done between 9.30pm and 10pm. Usually several of the guests stick around for another drink in the bar when the dating is over.

What happens after the event?

Once the speed dating is over, and everyone has handed in their messages, and received their envelopes, you are welcome to stick around at the bar with the other guests. It’s better to wait until you get home to open your messages, but make sure you follow up and reply to them, even if that’s just to say thanks and it was nice to meet you. This is where holding on to your notes will be a big help - that way you’ll find it easier to remember who someone was.