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Soho Bitch Project - April 2015

Last week I took the plunge from my happy single life, renouncing all men and concentrating on myself and my career - A.K.A being a bitter bitch - to get back in the dating game. What better way to do it than dating 28 men in one evening . . . Read more



EQ View - February 2015

In a world of increased connectivity and visibility, yet arguable superficiality, the initial stage of dating has become fleeting. . .. Faced with this backdrop I jumped at the invitation to attend something different . . . Read more



So So Gay - January 2015

For many people, the new year signifies a time to try new things – and I’m no different. When I heard about 28 Gays Later and its different take on speed dating, I decided to sign up and give it a spin – after all, what’s the worst that could happen? . . . Read more



Empty Pocket Guide - September 2014

Dating in London is hard. It’s a fact. We’re all so busy juggling hectic work schedules and social lives, that we just don’t seem to have time to meet and get to know new people . . .  I’d like to meet a real life man for a good old fashioned date . . . Read more



EQ View - August 2014

In a not too distant past, the land of man became invaded by all manner of communication applications trying to make people interact more. It all started well and it made easier for gay men to find each other, but…somehow it backfired . . . Read more



My Gay London - June 2014

As we all know London is a fun place to live although at the same time can be very lonely. Everyone who has lived in London for a while would agree with me that, finding relationships is not an easy task . . . Read more



The Gay UK - April 2104

Now if I say to you that I was and have been speed dating what is your immediate response? Am I desperate? Am I needy? Was it me and a room full of older men? Or are you curious as it's something that you've always wanted to do . . . Read more



Vada Magazine - July 2013

I’ve not been speed dating before; I’ve been put off by the horror stories of seedy gay bars, mostly older men, and a pressured environment where you don’t really meet anyone. But, having tried a few different dating websites and still not finding good men . . . Read more



The Quest - May 2013

You must know the feeling. You go through your drawers and find an old favourite shirt you’ve forgotten about. You think: “Gosh, I wondered where this had gone. I thought I’d lost it.” When you put it on and look in the mirror, it still fits like a dream and looks smashing. That’s how I felt when I recently landed back on the ‘dating scene’ . . . Read more

28gayslater, or 28 Gays Later, is a gay speed dating event for gay professionals in London. If you are a gay professional living or working in London and you are looking for gay dates then book a place with us now. Don’t bother with other gay dating events such as VillageDrinks, Village Drinks, UrbanConnections (Urban Connections), or PinkDate (Pink Date). Our gay speed dating format is completely different to theirs. We run a more sophisticated twist on gay speed dating. We are part of The List Network, for gay professionals and gay businesses in London. Check out our other site for other free gay professional networking events

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